Music Theory as a Blues Harp Force Multiplier

Harmonica Collective Online for July 5th, 2020 by Richard Sleigh


Do you ever feel like a dumb ass when people talk about music theory?


I used to feel that way all the time. But I have learned that almost all western music theory rests on a few simple ideas. And that these ideas are hiding in plain sight in the structure of the major scale.


Your blues harp is built around a major scale. You can learn to crack the code of music theory by playing only the built in notes of your blues harp. You don't even need to bend a note to get a grip on how to understand chords, chord progressions, and position playing. 


The trick is to focus on a couple simple ideas until the light comes on. Then you can use music theory as a knife to slice off one little thing at a time to practice, absorb, and use to make your solos more alive and interesting.


This class is not for windbags who want to use music theory to show off by using uselessly confusing jargon.


It's for people who get a kick out of teasing new ideas out of old familiar notes. People who want to get really good at a few things that they actually understand. 


People who want to connect theory to notes that they can hear, play, and feel. 


This class is for all levels and will include materials that you can download for review. You probably won't get everything crystal clear the first time you hear this session. But you can go back over it as many times as you like. 


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